Thanks for visiting my on-line photo site!  I'm a photographer living in West-Central Missouri.  I shoot all sorts of subjects but mostly landscapes.

Feel free to browse around.  The menu at the left side will let you jump directly to a year or album and "Home" will bring you back hereYou can also use the search box to search for locations and subjects.  Locations are all done, subjects are a bit spotty right now.

At the bottom of each page is a map showing the location of the photographs.  You can also click the small "i" under an image to see where the image was taken.

If you would like to comment on images but you aren't a SmugMug member, you can also log in with Facebook or Google.   I love seeing what people think of my images-it's why I post them on the site.

Images are posted by date with the most recent images at the top and older images (as I work through them) posted by year.  Older images can be accessed through the menu at the left.

I have created a web site where you can purchase prints of the images shown here.  It's at  If you see something here that you would like to purchase, please contact me via the link in the upper left corner of this page and let me know.  I'll add it and let you know when it is available for purchase.
Please note, images from the Nevada Northern Railway cannot be purchased due to licensing issues that prevent me from selling those images.