Persistent Vision Photography

Thanks for visiting my on-line photo site!  I'm an amateur photographer living in West-Central Missouri.  I shoot all sorts of subjects but mostly landscapes.

Feel free to browse around.  If you would like to comment on images but you aren't a SmugMug member, you can also log in with Facebook or Google.   I love seeing what people think of my images-it's why I post them on the site.

If you scroll down below the images you can see a map of where the photos in the album were taken.  It's also possible to see the location of an individual images by clicking the "i" icon below the image and clicking the MAP tab.

Just FYI, I'm working my way backwards through years of photography so be sure to check back occasionally for updates.  They will appear at the top (most recent) and at the bottom as I add older pictures.






2014 was a very light year for photography.  There was no travel in that year so these three albums taken in the local area are all there is.

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